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Thread: 037 Recreation

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    Re: 037 Recreation

    The SC I had on a Honda K20 in my Lotus used a air/water charge cool system. Small cooler core after the SC which was connected to a rad at the front of the car and used an electric pump to circulate the fluid. Worked well, even though the SC was actually being 'over driven' and so stuggled with efficiency at high rpm.

    Still, it managed to get close to 380hp from a 2 ltire 4 pot!

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    Re: 037 Recreation

    Neil Simons used one of these on his turbo-nutter car: Worked really well IIRC

    I did a DIY job on my supercharged car. Grafted a cooler core from a Jag V8 into a spare Alfa plenum then had the coolant pump and a motorcycle rad with fan, the whole lot under ECU control. I also fitted water/meth injection but it wasn’t really needed, charge temps never got that bad.

    A water based system can potentially handle a lot more heat than an air/air intercooler but has the penalty of added complexity and weight. Another benefit of a water based system for a mid/rear engine is packaging of course, a small coolant rad up front is easier to deal with than a massive air/air intercooler at the back somewhere.

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    Re: 037 Recreation

    Well thanks a lott guys for all your comments, thats what i have always liked about this forum, fast and sensible comments. Really miss being around here.
    I am going to try without anny cooling at all, i also will have an ECU ( Omex 710 ) with air temp, air press and knock sensors. Aiming for 300Hp with an 3 ltr 4 cil so hope it wil turn out OK. The charge coolers will need an extra radiator up front with all the plumbing etc. Don't want that if its not needed, space is limited as it is now.
    Cheers, Pim


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