Our very own Tim Page tell us whats good about our cars....

The "Interactive transcribe" is intresting...!!!....think a bit more work needed on that one.....

0:09 as well as cars is fantastic looks it's fun to draw a phase quake

0:15 there's nothing else like down the road retarded people sort of

0:18 no mister dale was screen the heads off

0:20 we drive for hours on the game is it going past because

0:23 you just don't genesee them on the road

0:26 the cows are fairly easy to maintain you can do a welcome yourselves it's a good

0:31 old-fashioned cops no power steering a_b_s_ uh... and none of us orders via

0:36 modern-day

0:37 uh...

0:39 junk that uh... most cars have nowadays as bill seeks a depends driving

0:44 so when you're out in the car you've always got mindful of what's going on

0:48 with their thanks wolf cows with a very wide

0:51 so you've got a real problem parking surreal problem

0:55 going to tollbooth says when the opposite nightmare to cut the handouts

0:59 are actually should open the doors and and and soda and whatever that sort of

1:02 thing

1:03 most if the distrust replicas fall into two or three categories

1:07 originally they would've had a alone see a twin cam too extreme coming jim

1:12 uh... but more recently most of them uh... at the fell thirty six compounds

1:16 other out so often elf one six four although recently some of the one five

1:21 six days old

1:23 d_j_ cars equipped with teacher indians coming to marriage

1:27 so you've got somewhere around the hundred ninety two three and a whole

1:30 staff

1:32 enemy tension caf very lightweight

1:34 uh... ways probably like fifteen to nine fifty kilos

1:38 uh... very brisk is deceleration

1:41 uh... nor to sixty somewhere around five seconds made it cricket spaniel mickey

1:45 richard using

1:47 uh... but very very quick

1:49 uh... obviously

1:50 compares to a lot of modern cars that they're not back quick but a lot more

1:54 fun to drive her most much subaru sold most of the law the family saloons

1:59 maybe put the cross country but that would be is just a moment drug residuals

2:03 dr

2:04 now on the tracks that wonderful

2:06 never really good tool here and james

2:09 very quick uh... you know that because jenny very low level as well as not

2:13 having a major promise of my car and sent me as a mandate

2:17 uh... blood drive to work in a very articulate i've driven

2:20 differ on some to load into belgium

2:23 uh... five day two of

2:26 uh... so you know they met with white quite good out on the right

2:33 okay

2:59 but