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Thread: Stratos Scale Model Kit

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    Stratos Scale Model Kit

    Might be a bit of a strange request but on clearing out some of my old un-built model kits from my parents I found a large scale Stratos model and would like to find out what it might be worth in it's un-built state.

    I have tried elsewhere on the internet without success - the details are as follows:

    Nitto Kagaku 1/12 Scale Lancia Stratos Monte Carlo Rally Version.

    It would be nice to build it myself but I don't think that I could do the kit justice.



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    Re: Stratos Scale Model Kit

    They used to sell for 60-70 on Ebay a while back. (when I bought mine)
    Now they go for a lot more, one was just advertised for 299, but it did not sell.

    It should be be worth 100-150 in good condition, maybe more on a good day...
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