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Thread: Two Champions

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    Two Champions


    For those of you who would like to join Club Lancia Sports and Stratos Enthusiasts Club club for 2014 we are again offering you the chance to to join both here:

    Just follow these simple instructions for instant access to this site and your details will be passed over to Club Lancia Sport so they can action access on their site.

    Thank you Carol...

    HOW TO PAY......

    Login to the Forum.

    Top right of the screen you will see "My profile", "Settings", "Logout"

    Select "Settings"

    On the left of the screen you will see "My Settings" and under "My Account" Click on "Paid Subscriptions"

    Click the drop down arrow to show the 1 Year membership £40.00

    Press Order

    Press "Order using PayPal"

    Login to your PayPal account and complete the transaction.

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    Re: Two Champions

    For the foreseeable time the TWO Champions membership is not available.

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