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Thread: Steering Wheel Shimmy

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    Re: Steering Wheel Shimmy

    That’s what I thought, the tapers on the wheels and bolts would centralise the wheel on the hub. Apparently not enough resulting in steering wheel shimmy at speeds of over 60. Spigot rings are commonly used if Audi wheels are fitted to Skoda’s.

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    Re: Steering Wheel Shimmy

    Quote Originally Posted by Normb666 View Post
    So basically, the wheels were off-centre to the hubs which caused the vibration. I'm sure I've come across cars without a hub spigot though, although I can't remember which you say, you'd think the tapers in the wheel bolt/stud holes would self-align with the tapered bolts/nuts.
    Craig explained the importance of the wheel centre bore matching the spigot to me a couple of years ago.
    You can ask him for clarification, but he won't have time to answer you!

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    Re: Steering Wheel Shimmy

    I think part of the problem is that on an enthusiasts' forum like this, you come across all types of bores, so you tend to let a lot of stuff slide past.... And yes I include myself in that category!

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