I just joined for two reasons..

1; I like the Stratos and I like kit cars. I also am quite a fan of high revving lightweight V6 engines and to get my fix I fitted a 24v Mazda V6 into my Vauxhall Viva HB. These engines would be an ideal swap in for a kit as stock it has 200bhp and weighs in at around 120kg bare with flywheel. But that's another thread :-)

I am actually very keen on building my own car here in NZ, however it wont be a Stratos though. I'm intending to build a replica of the Nissan NP35 LMP race car, but with my own design changes (think more Ultima along the sides so I can build in useful storage bins.

2; The Stratos has a similar shape screen to what Id like to build. There are many other aspects in building a mid engined kit car that are similar between all sorts of kits so an other info and tips I can gather will be handy. Call me a kit car forum slut if you like :-) I am on the hunt for a screen that will work with my ideas. An Ultima item would be ideal but they wont sell to non kit owners :-(

The first bit of help I'd really love to get from you people are some measurements of a Stratos screen. Ie; the width along the bottom, the width along across the top, the height measured from the ground if it is resting at the generally fitted slope/angle. If there is a way someone can give me the curve radius top and bottom. These figures will give me a good idea on if it will work. It would be great if it works as the screens are probably easier to source than many other lmp type screens.

I'll post this up in another section that might be more relevant in case it gets missed here :-)

Cheers all,

Looking forward to reading any build threads I find on here!