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Thread: Four Legs not Four Wheels

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    Four Legs not Four Wheels

    As Frankie Howard used to say, “Let me tell you a Story”

    My wife and I were involved in Motor Sport in the 1960’s and early 70’s, but when children came along we decided that Motor Sport was becoming far too expensive for them to pursue and that equestrian activities would be the less expensive option, so we bought them a pony to share.

    Well that didn’t work!!! Three children not able to drive yet, one pony became six animals at the same time, all doing different disciplines, parents running a transport ‘department’ for all concerned towing with a petrol Cherokee Jeep that did minus 4 to the gallon with the trailer behind.

    It sank in eventually that we had made the wrong decision, and as one of them said, “Why couldn’t we have done something where you could just switch off and put it in a garage,” and didn’t need constant attention, feeding, shoeing and Vets bills. Hey Ho!!

    Well it could not have been a bad decision overall. One became a reasonably successful Jockey for a while, before seeing the error of his ways and going back to University, one married a racing driver who is now learning Stable management to add to his skills !!, and the other only ever wanted to do what he is doing now, which leads me to why I am telling this story. Something that as parents we are quite chuffed about.

    Our son Alex Tyler-Morris has been nominated for an International award, ‘Groom of the Year 2018’ in a shortlist of 4 from thousands by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), the International Body that Controls Equestrian Sport worldwide. The Groom acts in a similar role to that of a F1 race engineer in this sport, except with something that moves and has a mind of its own.

    Attached via the link is a short YouTube clip put out by the FEI, explaining.

    and if you feel able, the link at the bottom of the text below the YouTube screen enables you to make a vote. There are 5 categories, each with four nominations and it is necessary to nominate in each. I do not know much about the others but there are some explanations. After making the selection, at the bottom of the page is a ‘Vote Now’ tab, click on that and you're done, no email address or other detail needs to be input.

    Further information can be seen here:-
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    Re: Four Legs not Four Wheels

    Well done to all 3, and the parents who have managed to bring up said children who appear to be "Normal" stable (Excuse the pun) members of society. You should be proud..

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