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Thread: new member the journey begins

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    new member the journey begins

    hi to all. my friends call me jock being a Scotchman and i have been given the opportunity to build a hawk stratos for a friend.i new very little about this car four weeks ago but have been crashing coursing ever since started on the spanners on Friday )would haply take any advice that any one wants to give . currently kit s4 smooth arch hawk kit with up graded rose joint arms ect setup with coil-over kit gold top mounts rear, front hubs gold 5 x98 upgrade. original build planed was based round 3.0 v6 12v but after a bit of home work this may not be the best way forward so iv found a 24v out of a 99 gtv .
    So my first question would be this, would this engine be a good choice .and is there many difference in the engine mounts and running gear? from the v6 12v 5 stud hub conversion using beta shafts, that the kit was built to accommodate any advice welcome .will post some pics soon

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    Re: new member the journey begins

    Welcome to the club! Well worth joining for full access to the whole site, there's a ton of information on here. Whichever engine you choose to go with - have you got the registration document so you can IVA it and get an age related plate?
    I'm up in Liverpool so if you want to pop up sometime I've got a 30 year old Gp4 Square Arch Hawk that's pretty well known in the club running a 12v Cloverleaf and a second, later Hawk under build, also with a 12v motor in Gp4 Round Arch.
    I'm sure someone with GTV knowledge will pop along to confirm the mounts will work, there should be a couple os spacer plates to allow you to mate the Beta driveshafts/CV Joints to the Alfa Gearbox flanges with the kit. If they're missing I may be able to help you out!

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    Re: new member the journey begins

    hi guy thank you for your reply im hoping to bye the hole car so will get docs thank you for the offer to come and see your cars and i might well do so when i get time. and yes those spacer plates are missing so would be glad to perches those from you )cheers

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