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Thread: Lancia type ?

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    Lancia type ?


    Did a Motorsport Steward Job at Curborough yesterday and thought you may like to see this that was competing in the VSCC Sprint there.

    The eagle eye'd amongst you may spot the Castellated Chimney on the left, which is actually attached to the roof of the Saloon and is the Exhaust. I understand the car is used on Vintage Trials, they must be expecting deep water or high tides.!!!


    PS Norman, On the Agenda for 5th May, a teach in on how to post Photos the right way up please !!!! Sorry about this one.
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    Re: Lancia type ?

    My friends Angela and Robert's Lambda 8th Series Long Topedo. Sounds even nicer than Stradale.... discuss

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    Re: Lancia type ?

    I certainly would agree with you on the sound Tim, your friends were enjoying the sunshine when they left and it was making a lovely harmonic tone as they drove away. My reference to 'Stradale' was more to do with the interpretation of the word as being exciting highway transport.

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    Re: Lancia type ?

    What, you think I know how to do that? Haha, I just copy them into the reply box and see what they look like....if they're wrong, I delete the reply, rotate the pics in the computer, then try again What I HAVE learned is not to bother typing anything till I can see how the pics look, otherwise it's all wasted! Bl**dy computers, etc. etc.

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    Re: Lancia type ?

    Travelling in a Lambda makes you realise how far ahead of the game Lancia were.

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    Re: Lancia type ?

    Chris, it's sad that they lost there way in the Beta era, but no doubt that was due to 'others'.

    Quote Originally Posted by ProtoTipo View Post
    Travelling in a Lambda makes you realise how far ahead of the game Lancia were.

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