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Thread: Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale

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    Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale

    Time to sell the old truck. We hardly need one car, yet we have 3, and I'm building another.

    Late 2006, 56 plate.
    Dark blue metallic
    Overland spec, grey interior, sunroof, NAV, pleather and suede seats, "wood" trim , power memory drivers seat, memory radio (seat and radio settings follow the key that is assigned to a given memory), power passenger seat, TPMS and a bunch of other stuff I forget.
    96k miles
    Prinz multipoint LPG system with 105l toroid tank under boot floor (where the spare usually sits). Also has 'valve saver' fluid injection option fitted. Not strictly required for the Hemi, but I'm paranoid.
    5.7l Hemi V8 (330bhp 375ft/lb)
    Quadra-DriveII 4WD system with electronics diffs.
    Tow hitch with removable ball.
    Bury BlueTooth phone interface.


    Full disclosure of everything I know - don't want to waste anyones time.

    Service history was main dealer bar the service before we got it, and it's been DIY since. (I wrongly thought it was patchy before but recently checked the paperwork - it isn't patchy at all. Idiot).

    All current recalls done. Last one introduced an 'issue' that Jeep won't fix without putting a new transfer box in it (at owners expense). If battery goes flat or is disconnected, next time you try to engage LOW RANGE it throws an error and refuses to engage, then keeps bleating about 'service 4WD system'. It drives normally in high range in this state. This can be fixed by a little routine (details provided) that takes 2 minutes, costs nothing and the fault goes away until battery is next removed (or totally drained). After the fix, low & high range work normally. Feel free to Google this one - consensus is it's a firmware error more than anything else, backed up by the fact the thing was fine before the last recall for a firmware upgrade.

    Slight fluid leak (so slight there isn't even a mark on the drive) from transmission coolant lines near radiator - seems to be a stock feature on a Jeep. A Cherokee I used to have was the same. I bought new cooler lines but never got round to fitting them - included in sale.

    Drivers door mirror glass is going a bit 'funky'.

    Occasional harsh upshift from 3rd when on very light throttle. Silky smooth under all other conditions. Has done this since we got it.

    During my ownership, it's had the following: I put a new starter motor on it, new ABS sensors on right side (Only 1 was faulty, I changed the wrong one first...), one new lambda probe, new lower front wishbone balljoints, new front diff mounting rubbers ( a known issue with these), new windscreen washer pump, new tailgate struts.

    Done just over 15k miles in the 8 years we've had it.

    4 excellent Goodyear M&S tyres (almost no miles on them). Decent spare.

    Located near Evesham, Worcestershire.
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