Today I was apprehended by an enthusiast at KitFest at Santa Pod - one Neil Winnington - who apparently runs a Youtube Channel featuring interesting cars. He has apparently done one programme about Lambo Countach replicas and now wants to do another about Stratos replicas.

He knows a little about the history of the various marques and wanted to feature the current Hawk and LB offerings by speaking to a builder of one each of these cars to get your experiences of owning and building them. He has apparently already spoken to Craig and Gerry and wants to include input from both of them as well as owners. He was keen to emphasise that he is an enthusiast and his angle will be "Building the Dream" (I'm sure we can all relate to that!)

His Channel is "Enwin's Motors" and on facebook :

If you want to have your car on film and be interviewed discussing it - or even (if you're shy) just to have a voice-over with shots of your car then this could be your chance. He can be contacted on 07913 979 068 or by e:mail at He is based on the Wirral so if you are in that area or reasonably close, that might be a good starting point . Guy and Richard possibly? I'll leave it to you guys - or anyone else to contact him.

Please let us know if you do follow through - or if anyone follows up on this.