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Thread: gr4 dash layout

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    gr4 dash layout

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could forward either a picture or the layout of the clocks and switches on an original gr4 dash layout. There may have been more than one or two original layouts but the form is a wealth of knowledge and experience . so if you can help much appreciated.

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    Re: gr4 dash layout

    If you look through Vince's photos on his website (see link) he drew the whole thing up at full size.
    It is a RHD version though:

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    Re: gr4 dash layout

    This thread will give you a good idea of the layout for a Group 4 dash. You had a look at it at Stoneleigh?

    But be aware that these gauges are 60mm ones (apart from the obvious) and not easily found. Lots of original Stradale cars were converted to Group 4 back in the day and just used their original Stradale gauges on the Gp4 dash.

    The layout looks odd but it works! The trick is positioning the gauges with the steering wheel fitted so you know you can see every gauge. On the Hawk the really awkward one is the speedo... The drive cable is fouled by the chassis cross member so I had to get creative to get around that.


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    Re: gr4 dash layout

    Don't forget this one..................
    Hawk HF3000 - Engine: Alfa GTV 3.0L 24v V6, Dry Sump - Gearbox: Sadev 6 Speed Sequential ST90-14 - Suspension: Nitron 3 Way Adjustable - Wheels: Hawk Compomotive - Tyres: Pirelli P7 Corsa

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