Not quite as epic as Norm's event, but I thought it worth posting up a couple of pictures from my latest foray into Bavaria. For once no snow is involved, its the first time I've ventured down this way in the summer

On Wednesday I made my way down to Folkestone and managed to get an earlier than planned train over the water:

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Then it was a quick run through France, Belgium and an overnight stay just outside the Nurburgring, no public sessions were running that evening which was probably a good thing as it was at the end of a long day's driving. Will be back though to do a lap or ten at some point.

Day two I made my way down to friends just outside Kempton via the B500 road that runs from Baden Baden, reputed to be one of the 10 best driving roads in Europe and it was certainly fun to drive. Kempton would be base for the next few days, so popped over to visit Gunther at CCKempton Kit Cars, it was good to see Rob'e ex Red ListerBell in the showroom.

Today (Sunday) I took a picture halfway up this mountain pass which sits on the Austrian border:

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I guess the weather was somewhat better than you have been having in the UK (sorry Norm) as this was the view:

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I will be starting the journey home on Tuesday so will update on progress if I remember to take any pictures