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Thread: Looking for a Stratos

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    Re: Looking for a Stratos

    Not meeting (or driving) your heroes must be a common woe.

    Not on the same scale of expense but I found myself in the hunt for either a Ferrari Testarossa or Lamborghini Countach about 15 years ago. I was desperate to love the Countach but found everything about it, apart from the looks, far too much of a compromise to make it a practical car to buy. That left the Testarossa which fell down at the point of not feeling special enough, relatively speaking, as the Lambo partly because it was so easy to drive and live with. I made man-maths work in favour of getting an F355 and an Esprit GT3 instead. Should have bought the Countach tho.

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    Re: Looking for a Stratos

    Quote Originally Posted by Normb666 View Post
    Justin, soz you found the Stratos not to your liking, but I get why you'd prefer the Fanalone (I had one for 13 years - brilliant thing to drive). However, why don't you consider one of the Stratos replicas instead? There are lots of people in your position who seem to be buying them rather than an original these days, as they can be better built and a better drive.... you could end up with a good replica, AND a Ferrari or McLaren
    Thanks for all of the replies on this.

    Yes - I think you're right Norm. I'd definitely be interested in a replica. I've been thinking about an 037 as well recently, and had a couple of good leads. Someone I was talking to summed up the Stratos and the 037 by saying - "of course, they weren't built very well. They just had to build them to allow rallying. They weren't built to sell in quantity - or to last."

    The Fulvia by comparison, were built for sale by the thousand, and 20 or so of the last S1, 1.6HF were taken by the works team and converted to rally spec. That I think is the major difference between the two ways of doing things. A replica Stratos that's been built properly I would imagine, can easily be a better drive than a period car that was pretty much thrown together to make up numbers. Anyone have a nice Alitalia Stratos replica for sale?


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