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Thread: Events - Supercar Fest - 2 events !

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    Events - Supercar Fest - 2 events !

    Norm has just (gently) nudged me in the ribs (metaphorically speaking) and reminded me that I'm the Events Secretary and should be promoting/arranging/advertising events for 2020. Well here are a couple of great events that I'll put in the SEC calendar :

    1) Supercar Fest - the Runway - on 24th May 2020 at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire

    2) Supercar Fest - the Hill - on 30th August 2020 at Shelsey Walsh Hill Climb in Worcestershire

    The first event is a new one but the second was run last year and I think a couple of members attended.

    The blurb that was sent through gives this detail :

    "At both venues we have allocated an advance parking area (next to the main action) for registered car clubs who wish to include it in their 2020 events programme. Both events will continue the ‘all access’ principle and there will be more food outlets, expanded trade areas and reserved areas for those wishing to bring caravans, motorhomes or tents. We are also including the evening party (included in the ticket price) with live music, food and a bar. The entry fee will be £15.00 per person and we will continue the free entry for “Under 16s”.

    For clubs we allow you to brand your own areas with gazebos, flags, banners and even club trailers and club regalia at no extra cost. We can also prepare bespoke artwork for your magazine or website at your request."

    I will register the Club for attendance at both events and will send out more details as and when I get them - so please make a note in your diaries for one or both of these events. They seem like good value.


    Peter C

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    Re: Events - Supercar Fest - 2 events !


    Just a reminder that although Pete's the club's Events Officer, that only means he collates and publishes info on those do's we're invited to or that might be of interest to members. It doesn't mean he has to organise the club presence at a particular function (although he might do, if he wishes). It requires a volunteer to do that - for instance, David Jowsey does it all for the North Yorks Run, Ken Tomblin does the biz for Silverstone, and Dave Evans was The Man for this very event at Shelsley last year, etc. So, if we're to have any sort of public exposure as a group (yes, very funny, haha), we need peeps to step up to the plate - any takers for one or both of these two? G'wan, this could be your only chance at superstardom...better than those talent(less) shows on telly

    Chairman Norm

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