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Thread: The shortest day

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    The shortest day

    Well, everybody in the northern hemisphere, that's the shortest day over, it's up hill now and hopefully many things to do and look forward to as the days get longer and brighter.

    Happy Christmas All. Hope the New Year brings all that you wish for, whether it is using your cars, getting on with the builds or refurbishments, or just dreaming as to when your project is going to arrive.

    Robin T-M
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    Re: The shortest day

    Oddly enough, was thinking much the same thing meself yesterday.

    But seeing as we're an inclusive club (whatever that means), those of you in the southern hemisphere don't need to panic and feel unrepresented - you've still got lots of sun and fun yet, it ain't gonna get cold, wet and miserable for a good while! Which is basically what the point of the thread is - it's cold, wet and miserable in Britain most of the time, including summer (although we do get the odd ray of sunshine then), and this is simply a representation of our permanent state of optimism and a longing for those slightly-less-wet-and-miserable days. Or something.

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