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Thread: A 3 year waiting list.... noooo... not for an LB STR

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    Re: A 3 year waiting list.... noooo... not for an LB STR

    Fair nuff, we did go off on a bit of a tangent there when I saw the deposit amount! So I'll say no more...for now...

    What about Morgans, how long's the wait for those these days? It did used to be 10 years a good while ago, but you'd hope they'd got that down to summat more manageable these days...say, 5 or 6 years I remember reading somewhere that quite a few times, when they'd get in touch with a customer to tell them it was time to spec their car, they found out they'd died...kinell. I guess that's mainly down to the profile of the typical Morgan buyer being a rather older gentleman, so not really surprising, but still...

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    Re: A 3 year waiting list.... noooo... not for an LB STR

    I'm far too young to know anyone old enough to have ordered, never mind have collected, a Morgan.

    However.... I do have a photo of me and a Morgan in the same pic and sharing the same bit of track at Knockhill. For the avoidance of doubt, even tho it looks like he is pulling away, I was about to overtake him again but he was certainly having at least as much fun. I borrowed the 458 GT3 for the evening. Suppose I could claim it was practice for an LHD STR. Helps that everyone was (mostly) going in the same direction. You'd think it would be hard to spin a race car on slicks eh

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