The 2020 AGM will be held as usual at the National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh, but this time on Saturday 2nd May, at 12:00 (the 1st day of the show as usual, which is Sat/Sun this year rather than Sun/Mon, due to the Bank Hol being moved to the following Friday in celebration of VE Day). Also as usual, we'll be aiming for a BBQ and tea/coffee afterwards. And, note our pitch will be at 51B, the "usual" one, not 51C which we had last year due to work being done on the site.

Unusually, we seem to have all the committee peeps being happy to continue in their roles this time around (obviously great leadership....ahem), but the club rules state they must be re-elected every year. That means if anyone else would like to step into a given set of shoes, they can register their intentions with me in my other role as Secretary, and we'll set up a ballot on the Forum so all members get the chance to vote for their choice, whether they attend the AGM or not. If you need to see a list of committee members, it's actually the first topic you'll see on the Forum home page.
But talking of "my role as Secretary", would anyone like to take that over? I did say last year when I became Chairman that I'd like to not have to hold both positions, and that's still the case, not so much from a workload perspective (there's more to do as Chairman!), but in having another presence to give extra advice or opinion. I'll continue as is if there's no takers, but...

Let me know if you're looking to try for a committee position by end of March latest, please, so we can hold any ballots in April and have everything sorted before the AGM - ta.

Also in April, I'll be issuing the Agenda for the meeting itself, so if you have a topic you want to be aired, let me know by end of March and I'll include it.

Think that's it for now...if anything else occurs that you need to know about, or I think of something else, I'll post updates on here. And of course you're all welcome to post and comment too (about the AGM!!!)


Chairman Norm