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Thread: Stoneleigh 2020

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    Stoneleigh 2020

    Since this has been preempted on another thread I would just like to clarify our position on the Stoneleigh Show-

    We would like make people aware that LB Specialist Cars will not be exhibiting at this years Stoneleigh Kit Car Show.

    As those close to us know demand for the STR has by far outweighed our expectations and the result of this is that our orderbook is now full for the next couple of years.
    Being realistic about the numbers we could produce from our premises with the staff levels we had at the time we actually stopped taking on new orders in the latter half of last year.
    We do not like turning prospective customers away but we had to be realistic about the number of enquiries/orders we were receiving vs our capacity to produce them.
    We spent a good proportion of last year looking for new premises where could expand to but in the end we couldn't find the floor space we required in the local area whilst retaining the staff we already had with us.
    We were therefore left with the option of expanding our workshops at the farm where we are based and have now taken on new areas for both car building and fabrication.
    This extra space along with some improvements to the electricity supply has allowed us to take on some extra members of full time staff of which two will be in the fabrication department and one is in the car building area.
    These increased staff levels will help us to reduce the lead times of the current orders but it will still be some time before we start to look at taking new orders.

    In light of the above it didn't really make sense for us to take a stand at Stoneleigh only to have to stand there and tell prospective customers that we couldn't currently take their deposit.
    As always though we do hope to attend the event in a personal capacity and we hope to see you all there for the usual chat and banter.

    Depending upon how the next few months go with production then we have pencilled in the newly resurrected Newark Show as another possible event that we could attend.

    I apologise again to any prospective customers who were wanting to get on the waiting list but it is not possible currently.

    In the meantime if there is anyone who is keen to scratch that Stratos replica itch then I recommend you give Gerry at Hawk Cars a call.



    LB Specialist Cars
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    Re: Stoneleigh 2020

    Thanks Craig, good of you to give everyone advance warning that you won't be taking a, as it were. (That actually wasn't meant as a deliberate funny - only spotted it when I read it back...)
    Makes perfect sense if you 're not in a position to take someone's order presently, but assuming that anyone would still like to see some examples of LB's cars (and Hawks and Alloras and Corses too), remember you can pop over to the club stand at plot 51B and chat with some owners, and maybe the Great Man himself, or if he can't make it, Craig

    Fingers X'ed that the workshop expansion and extra staff means the backlog can get whittled down, and normal service can be resumed and new orders taken soon. And no, I'm not gonna say anything about "Norman" service


    Chairman Norm
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