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Thread: Reversing sensors

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    Re: Reversing sensors

    I have the same unit as LPH_UK. Will be installing on mine. The camera is 'Oxo' cube sized. Impressive unit.

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    Re: Reversing sensors

    Unlike Norm, Iím still a youthful owl and will be sticking with the Mk1 Eyeball.

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    Re: Reversing sensors

    Yep, that's the one eyed get. Er, I mean, one I'd get :-P

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    Re: Reversing sensors

    Quote Originally Posted by renmure View Post
    Unlike Norm, I’m still a youthful owl and will be sticking with the Mk1 Eyeball.
    Lucky you!!!

    Re :- using a replacement mirror version, I have been warned against these, particularly in our collective situation, I.E. within Strati', that they can be difficult to see on a bright sunny day (when we get them ).

    Anybody yet had any experience in this respect?


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