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Thread: For Sale - Italy

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    Re: For Sale - Italy

    Norwich City FC fans will love it!

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    Re: For Sale - Italy

    Quote Originally Posted by hollytree View Post
    This is the car that was parked in the lounge of an unused house in Swansea in mid 2011 next to my part built (! see the tales) Corse I.
    I think I have more photos of it if anyone wants me to post them. It was a 24v from memory
    I was told that car belonged to Carlo(?) and had to sit in the UK for a while before going to Italy.
    Something to do with being UK registered for a number(?) of years before being allowed to be re-registered in Italy

    Yes it was Carlo's kit. So you actually saw it in Swansea?
    There was something pretty rum going on. Not sure what, and not sure I want to.know.
    I think it was being hidden from.Lionel, because he was asking its whereabouts around that time.

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