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Thread: Roof aerial

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    Roof aerial

    Anyone who has fitted a roof aerial for cb ,what are you using or do you have a link. I purchased a Firestick
    non ground plane antenna but I think it may look to thick and may not use it. Problem being most ground plane aerials wont work with fiberglass tub.

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    Re: Roof aerial

    Many year ago when I worked at Lotus we used to bond aluminium foil to the inside of the roof panel and use that as the ground plane for the radio. It worked on the Excel and Esprit.

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    Re: Roof aerial

    So you had a hand in the Excel and Esprit? Hmmmm.... that explains a lot....

    Intrigued by the idea of the ally foil though. Oven-ready Esprit for faster warm-up? Haha!

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