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Thread: The proposed ban on the sale of new petrol/diesel cars in 2030.

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    Re: The proposed ban on the sale of new petrol/diesel cars in 2030.

    I love running my hybrid Beta coupe... it has a 12v battery and a really efficient 1600 engine that does 47.8mpg on a run , she is 41 yrs young, now tax exempt and saving the planet as I have been running it for 23 years as a daily and have no desire to buy a 'modern' , how many 'moderns' have been binned in the last 23 yrs? a criminal waste of resources & energy.

    That Kevin Czinger bloke has the right idea, how hard can it be to make a Busso run on hydrogen?

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    Re: The proposed ban on the sale of new petrol/diesel cars in 2030.

    I believe the main problem with hydrogen is the conversion process is hugely inefficient in both directions (creating it and converting it back to electricity) so you really need cheap/free electricity to make it viable. I also don't think fuel cells can generate the power required to run a powerful electric motor so we aren't going to see hydrogen sports cars for a while (fuel cell / super capacitor combo maybe)
    But I may be biased - I have a Tesla 3

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    Re: The proposed ban on the sale of new petrol/diesel cars in 2030.

    Tesla have looked at Cobalt mining and Lithium production and determined that Cobalt mining is a nightmare and Lithium production is very inefficient.
    So Cobalt is no longer being used in their latest batteries.
    They have an entirely new method for producing Lithium that is very green.
    The batteries are designed to be recycled.
    The peoples Tesla is a couple of years away.
    Urban car ownership will decline considerably when RoboTaxis roam the streets. They will be like Uber but without a driver. The cost will be a fraction of the current Uber cost.
    In terms of driver enjoyment. I absolutely love my Tesla. It overtakes like my Hayabusa.

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    Re: The proposed ban on the sale of new petrol/diesel cars in 2030.

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    Re: The proposed ban on the sale of new petrol/diesel cars in 2030.

    Saw that yesterday. He says pretty much all the things I was already thinking...I reckon at some point in the next few years you'll see exemptions for low-volume manufacturers, at the very least, and if the synthetic fuel thing comes off there'll be nothing to worry about. In fact there'll be nothing to worry about anyway, once the nostalgia thing kicks in - look at how people go crackers over steam trains now. Was on a trip round the Cumbrian coast in September and my arm nearly fell off waving to the hordes lining the track pretty much all the way round!(What IS it with people waving at trains???)

    I just hope all these conversions popping up, of converting classics to electric running, can be reversed, because an electric MGB or E-Type is totally missing the point....they're not MGBs or E-Types any more and their values will be on the floor!

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    Re: The proposed ban on the sale of new petrol/diesel cars in 2030.

    Harry makes some good points in this video.

    The 'green tariff' elec is all done an 'accounting' type system, not the actual electricity that comes into your property. In the East Mids we are currently the highest g CO2e per kWh in the UK at just under 400. Even if you are paying for a 100% renewable tariff here you'll certainly not be using that elec. you'll be suing the dirty stuff!

    It's like the current rush to achieve 'net zero' emissions. No one can achieve real zero so you 'offset' any emissions you do have by planting trees, buying 'carbon credits' etc. It has all the makings of an enormous con, ponzi type scheme. Which I fear is what it will actually become.

    He also speaks a lot of sense about the driving experience of ICE cars. Elec cars are quiet and have mad performance but driving isn't just about that, the experience is a whole mix of things and lots of them are unmeasurable and emotional.

    Some of his claims about the ICEs being zero CO2e for maintenance (compared to changing batteries etc) are spurious though.
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