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Thread: Alfa 164 24V engine and gearbox

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    Alfa 164 24V engine and gearbox

    I've been literally lugging a 'spare' 24V engine and 5sp gearbox around the country (Washington -> California -> Pennsylvania) for years with the realization that unless the one in the car gives up the ghost, I'm unlikely to need it anytime soon.
    I've no idea the condition, other than was told it came from a running car and was 'good', but will not be looking for a whole lot of money. At this stage just want to see it going to a good home. Any interest from any of our US members?


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    Re: Alfa 164 24V engine and gearbox

    possibly.... I'm in North Port Florida, near Sarasota on the Gulf side. Pics and $ expectations? PM or email me @

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