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Thread: For 037 fans.....

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    For 037 fans.....

    .....and lottery winners!
    PS hope the link works 🤞

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    Re: For 037 fans.....

    Gerry, wow that's quite a high ticket value item! It's that old supply and demand equation I suppose. Almost makes sense to break a Montecarlo now to make a replica? I know the Montecarlo was by all reports a very poor car, particularly in the brakes department and underpowered engine. However, it's looks had me from 1st time I saw one on my paper round in around 1975, it was that turquoise colour......
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    Re: For 037 fans.....

    Friend of mine bought a Monte new in 1978 from the Chester Lancia dealer (think it was Red Rose Motors?) and used to let me drive it a lot It was an S1 so had the brake servo that only acted on the fronts. I can't say I ever noticed any problems with the wheels locking up, even in the wet...and it seemed nippy enough to me! I really liked it. But he sold it inside 6 months because he reckoned it didn't feel as well engineered as a Fulvia (he was really into his 1600 Zagatos - he had 4 at one time), but then, it wouldn't, would it? Guess it was on a loser from day one in his garage....

    This 037 though. 800K?? Give over, that's crackers. Then again, I can't get me 'ead round 400 - 500k for a genuine Strat, but just like the 109K Hawk on Ebay (up from 70K, haha), I guess you can't blame people for asking.

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