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Thread: Thank You Halfords

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    Thank You Halfords

    Last October I needed a new trolley jack and ended up with a 50 2 ton low body one from Halfords. For some reason I didn't get a receipt by email (they've stopped giving paper ones out for Covid reasons or marketing mail shots I guess!). At the weekend it failed to hold the 159, just releasing slowly.
    Today I took it back with my credit card statement as proof of purchase and to my amazement they traced the purchase on their system with just a date and part number. It took 5 minutes but they managed it. And then they were happy to replace or refund. I ended up with a 3Ton trolley jack as they were out of stock of the original one. Bonus is a new full guarantee on the new one. Bummer is it's not a low chassis, hopefully it'll still slide under the Alfa!

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    Re: Thank You Halfords

    They seem to sell some good kit these days but I think they're still saddled with an old reputation. I bought a low-entry jack from them last year and it's been great, and I've also had one of their socket sets for a good few years now with no problems. In fact they seem to have become my initial go-to place for odd bits of motoring stuff these days, probably cos there's a branch just a few miles from me.

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