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Thread: AGM 2021 - no date/location yet

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    Re: AGM 2021 - no date/location yet

    They will no doubt be waiting for Boris's announcement of a 4 week delay in opening everything up - his announcement due tomorrow 14th. Although August Bank Holiday should be OK I am guessing there is still so much general uncertainty around this whole subject - but the Stoneleigh organisers are going to have to make decision soon !

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    Re: AGM 2021 - no date/location yet

    OK, a bit of positive news on this.

    The Stoneleigh Kit Car Show website has lost its "show is cancelled for 2020" popup and is now showing dates for this year. Also heard from other sources that they've been told by Grosvenor Shows that it's going ahead. On that basis, we're now looking at securing a club pitch and hiring a marquee for the weekend. Depending on how things pan out for the 19th July lockdown lift, we may or may not be able to hold the AGM itself. Reasoning there is that even if shows like this are greenlit, close gatherings of over 30 people may not, and that means we couldn't have everyone jammed in a marquee for an hour, although I think we'd be OK for people to "pass through" in lower numbers as tends to happen. And of course, the whole shebang could well be given the heave-ho at short notice, so nothing's guaranteed.

    So, put it in your diaries and as soon as we get the "lockdown's lifting" word I'll post a new thread on here to confirm. Oh, and I'm leaning to holding the AGM itself on the Saturday, as we usually have it on the first day of the show. Fingers crossed!

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