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Thread: The Road Rat (Magazine)

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    Re: The Road Rat (Magazine)

    Quote Originally Posted by Stratos Fear View Post
    Back in the early 70's when I was into road rallying as a student in Sheffield I seem to recall a particularly well-used "white" road (un-surfaced) called Dirtlow Rake which must have been in this area somewhere . Great rallying territory !
    Indeed it is Peter. I don't think you would want to take even the best prepared road rally car down Dirtlow now.
    Like so many classis whites it's been ruined by the 4x4 brigade and dirt bikes. Still everyone is entitled to their fun.
    Still lots of classic yellows in Derbyshire.
    A Trasmeira style event would be a real money spinner for that area.

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    Re: The Road Rat (Magazine)

    Interesting John - it was possible at some speed in those days but as you say interests change with the times (and , no doubt legal and health and safety requirements) so no great surprise. Mind you the roads around the LB workshop are a lot of fun as well (as I discovered recently when I visited) !

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