It seems it's that time of year again, when people get confused over their annual club subscriptions and don't know what they've got, or pay twice, etc. and then end up asking our erstwhile treasurer if he can sort it out for them. So, in order to try and relieve that load on him and allow him to get out and earn a living, here's a quick rundown on how to check your auto-renew status and, indeed, alter it if ya want...

"Once auto-renew is initially set up, it is PayPal that then manages it and typically, after that, you rarely look at the set-up of your PayPal account (even though you may use it a lot for online purchases). If you want to check whether you have automatic payments set up then do the following:- (This is taken from a desktop, other devices may differ slightly)

1. Log onto your PayPal account

Your intro screen will show you your balance and recent activity. To the left of the Logout button (top right) is a little gear icon (Settings)

2. Click on the gear icon

You'll now see some info about your account. Whilst you are there check your addresses are set up as you wish. If you order stuff through PayPal this is where PayPal allows you to have a number of delivery addresses. Make sure this info is up to date. At the top of the screen there is a PAYMENTS button.

3. Press the PAYMENTS button

You will now see a screen entitled Automatic payments with an option to Manage your automatic payments

4. Click on the View button to the right of Manage your payments

You'll now see those organisations where you have set up automatic payments. If Stratos Enthusiasts Club is listed you are set-up. If you want to see the details...

5. Click on Stratos Enthusiasts Club

You can see all the historic details and there is an option to Cancel if you so wish."

So there you have it - I'm making this topic a "sticky" so it'll always be at the top of the list. Bet it still doesn't stop peeps from asking tho....

Chairman Norm