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Thread: Insurance renewal

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    Re: Insurance renewal

    Interesting stuff. I did get a discount ( me thinks) but as car is registered new Classic Line wouldn?t give an agreed valuation as that only applies to cars over 5 years of age according to person dealing with it. Instead I have a subjective new valuation from them. My renewal is due in 2 months so I?ll pursue the agreed valuation again. Strangely the road going quote was cheaper than the build insurance.
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    Re: Insurance renewal

    Quote Originally Posted by Longtimefan View Post
    I think that the premium seems to ruffly relate to about ?7 per 1000 at the time. But like others, not aware that they have introduced a Club discount, which is good news as renewal is due shortly.!!!!!

    I guess postcode, age and limited mileage, haggling ability and Scottishness must play a significant part as I've just done the math and I'm paying ?2.30 per 1000 of cover.

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