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Thread: Long time Stratos fan now about to build one.

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    Long time Stratos fan now about to build one.

    Hi Everyone

    Throughout a life-time of Italian cars (Autobianchi Bianchini [Fiat 500 estate], Fiat 125 (Polski Fiat), Fiat Uno, Lancia Fulvia, Punto Sporting, 2 x Integrale 8v, Alfa Mito and 2 x Giuliettas) I've always wanted a Stratos. Non-Italian include Simca 1100 van (1294 conversion), Rover 100 GTI (1.4 TC) and MG ZR 1.8 - both great toys with unlimited spare parts available cheaply! I've competed in grass-roots motorsport in many of those cars so I've been there, got the tee shirt (although I don't like tee shirts) and am not afraid to try anything mechanical. I first came across the Transformer while at university in the 80s but I've never had the means or the premises to build one. Now in my sixties and retired I have a nicely equipped workshop so, with the sale of my Integrale, I plan to order one.

    There's a two year waiting list at Hawk so, if anyone has a part-built kit, I would be interested to hear about it.

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    Re: Long time Stratos fan now about to build one.

    Fantastic Neil ! A great list of cars too.

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    Re: Long time Stratos fan now about to build one.

    Sold my rusty evo2 to buy my Hawk, the evo was a little dull... the Hawk is definitely not!!! Good decision Neil

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    Re: Long time Stratos fan now about to build one.

    Great choice even if you didn’t have enough Alfas in your history the time goes quickly and I’m in my mid fifties so i appreciate we aren’t getting any younger. I’m 7 months into my wait and I still have to tell Gerry the final spec I want. Ive given myself to the end of September to worry that one to death. I told Gerry it would take me two years to clear out and straighten out my workshop - which is true.

    If your new to Stratos’ as I am it’s worth playing spot the parts bin part with the build manual you get on ordering and various publications.

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    Re: Long time Stratos fan now about to build one.

    Spot the parts bin has been done to death over the last 30 some years. If you want to know what specific part comes off please just ask! Or search the forum!


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    Re: Long time Stratos fan now about to build one.

    Neil, great to have you with us and to hear of your aspirations & intentions which are very similar to those I had when I set about my journey.

    There is a great deal of information that is extremely useful hidden in this forum, and if you became a full member you would have access to.

    "Why make it easy when you can struggle"

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