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    Lombard 2023

    Received this from Neil Winnington. A Strat enthusiast apparently. Hopefully a few may be interested. Sounds like a great event and happy to Liaise with Neil for more detail if members are interested. NOTE THE DESIRE FROM THE ORGANISERS FOR MORE STRATOS (replicas evocations or resto mods) Not my debate but a great opportunity???
    Hopefully the link works


    I do the official event DVD's but Tim Nash who organises it has given me permission to try to get more Stratos replicas and other low volume cars to come. It's nearly all tarmac with sand where the cars cross the horse racing track.

    Personally I'd love to see half a dozen Stratos replicas on the track. The official videos I make are released as official event DVD's, so that gives you a way of seeing your car in action.

    Neil Winnington
    2023 Lombard Rally Festival Uttoxeter Racecourse Entry and Information form.pdf
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