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Thread: 24V Alfa V6 and gearbox

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    24V Alfa V6 and gearbox

    Are Alfa powertrains still in demand these days or has everyone moved over to Toyota for new builds? I ask because I have 2 spare powertrains gathering dust and would like to see them go to a better home than the corner of my garage. The idea was to rebuild one to a higher spec - throttle bodies, etc and keep the second for spare parts, but the engine I have is in great condition and more than powerful enough for me, so the incentive never really materialized.

    When I purchased, I was assured both were running well but I only have the sellers word to go on, so can make no guarantees. At a minimum, given they've been sitting for so long, I'd recommend opening up to assess and refresh and/or rebuild. Mileage is claimed to be approx 100K for one engine, 130K for the other.

    Both are from 1995 Alfa 164LS, so the heads have piping for EGR valves, etc which the earlier years didn't have, but the ports can simply be blocked off. So if anyone in the US thinks this might be of use to them, I'm asking $1000 for an engine + gearbox. Or could be open to various combination of parts at different prices also.
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