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Thread: Hello all

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    Re: Hello all

    Quote Originally Posted by Normb666 View Post
    Guys, it's Chairman Norm here.

    I've had communication from a couple of members who're concerned about our latest (free user) member. Doing a "cut and paste" of someone else's introductory message from years back isn't the brightest thing to do, and immediately and understandably sets alarm bells ringing. And then replying to someone's "wanted" post by asking them to email someone else entirely just compounds things.
    But I'm a reasonable guy, and I believe in giving people a chance, so Gary, if you're a genuine fella - post something on here please, and explain what's going on. Otherwise we have to assume you're a scam artist. Fair nuff?

    I was also contacted by the new user via PM about a Cavis Switch that I was trying to find.
    Quote Originally Posted by Brysherexx
    Have you checked with leftman via aleftwich22@outlook. com .He has a Cavis Rocker Switch he wants to part with.
    I figured "leftman" was a member here, so I sent an email to the address that was provided. I got a response the next day which was "Nope, sold". I checked the members list and there is no leftman.
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    Re: Hello all

    Well that's no way to fleece someone out of $5. Very amateurish.

    So maybe he's genuine, although it seems an odd way to do things....if Lefty has a pile of bits to shift, better to list them in the For Sale section? But what do I know - I just like an easy life.

    Gary - you're not in the clear yet - still on probation!
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    Re: Hello all

    I have placed a ban on the user posting as the email comes up.with history of scams and non supply of goods, if I'm wrong I can lift the ban

    Regards Steve

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