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    Hello everyone! Does anybody at this forum live in Rotterdam? I think like I'm the first

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    Re: Hello all

    Not according to the member map. Take the "s" off the https
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guy Mayers View Post
    You just have to be patient.... and move quickly when one does become available or your slot opens in the waiting list.
    Yep, plenty of patience. What will be good is if I get moving I will at least have the engine/transmission built and ready to go for when I get it.

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    Re: Hello all

    Quote Originally Posted by Strat Fan View Post
    Speaking on behalf of LB then it is a combination of all of the above.
    The LB order list had got rather long before Covid ever came along and staff levels had also been increased accordingly to help cope with demand.
    Then Covid came along and staff were put on furlough etc which clearly didn't help production.
    Upon the return to work then half the staff then decided that they preferred to be paid to sit at home and do nothing and didn't actually need to work so that among with a few other staff scenarios halved the staff levels instantly.
    New staff after covid were then hard to find partly because of our geographic location but also because no one wanted to actually work anymore. This seems to be a fairly common theme when you talk to other companies as well.
    With less staff and still a significant order book, the new found supply chain issues & then Brexit thrown in to the mix as well has to have a negative affect on how things operate.
    LB have always offered in house builds and because of some of the press received over the years then there has always been a strong demand for turn key or turn key minus projects, maybe from markets where kits aren't a familiar thing.
    In reality some of the orders being processed currently are actually still kit based but the majority are now turn key or turn key minus.
    There are arguments either way but because of the comprehensive nature of the LB kit mated to the supply chain issues brought about by Covid and Brexit then the parts availability for inhouse builds is currently more controllable than it is for kit supply. A prime example for us is wiring looms, since covid our previous supplier simply couldn't supply, we couldn't then find an alternative supplier who could get remotely near the price so we ended up tooling up & building the harnesses in house.
    With the reduced staff levels we have we can make approx 10-12 looms a year when combined with other jobs which works well for inhouse builds but the demand for kits is much higher so we couldn't match those demands and also those of the inhouse builds as well. If we haven't got a wiring loom for an in house build we can simply move onto another element of the build or move on to a different car. The home builder cannot do this so his build would stall and that creates an issue.
    With shipping costs having gone through the roof recently as well then it is also simply not viable to be posting follow on items out at a later date especially globally as parts then come back into stock.

    Sorry for the essay


    Hi Craig,

    Another newbie here and on your waiting list too, thanks for taking time out to clarify what must be a frustrating situation for your company

    From experience delays are forgotten far more quickly than poor quality

    This is why I'd rather patiently wait than try to build car that fights me until it's finished or sold on as an unfinished project

    Please don't stop selling self build kits as I'm already started collecting bits

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