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Thread: Insurance

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    Re: Insurance

    What a fine mess your in Norm, sorry I started it for you.
    "Why make it easy when you can struggle"

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    Re: Insurance

    It's no bother, Robin. When it all gets to the stage where there seems to be stress looming, I just ignore everyone. Problem gone

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    Re: Insurance

    Quote Originally Posted by renmure View Post
    I'm under ?255 for an agreed value of ?130k with Footman James and 3k miles
    They seemed pretty clued up about these type of cars.
    Might need to up the valuation when the renewal comes round and, by the looks of it, lower the miles.
    My renewal with FJ came in today.
    The car details etc are all as before but the premium is up from ?255 to ?290.
    Dunno if that's a because stuff has just increased in price this year or a reflection that I've moved from totally rural in the middle of nowhere to somewhere semi-rural with neighbours.

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    Re: Insurance

    You probably still hold the record Jim for having the smallest quote, I will post later as to my findings but have been having a few quotes and I'll give a report on both prices but also the customer service.
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