Esteemed Members,

While asking our committee whether they'd be happy to continue this year, unfortunately our Webmaster, Ste Williamson, has decided to step down. Reasons include no longer having a Strat, and a change in home and work life meaning it's unfeasible for him to carry on. This means we have a vacancy - is there anyone who'd like to render service to the club, who might be able to take on the position going forward? As payment, you get to receive the undying gratitude of the other members (*payable in arrears, going from my experience ) - so if you think you could step up and do a spot of shoe-filling, reply here or drop me a P.M. via the forum's messaging thingy.

As usual, there'll be no discrimination based on age, sex, race, gender, religion, where you live, what you wear, how much/little hair you've got, blah blah blah. Although preference would be given to someone who's a decent chap/chapess/non-binary applicant...oh, and someone who might have an idea what they're doing. Yeah, that too.

I'd like to thank Ste for his efforts over the last few years - it's much appreciated, cos we'd have been in the doo-doo's several times if it hadn't been for him. So thanks loads! (* - see above comment...)

So, how can you refuse? (Don't answer that.)

- Chairman Norm