Welcome to the Club, you will not be disappointed with your car, it has been built with loving care, and I am sure it is set up well.

The suspension geometry settings are critical to the way it drives and your ultimate pleasure in being in it. I have Gaz coilovers on my car which work perfectly on their softest settings and you will find comment somewhere on here (although you will need to be a full member to access it) from others that there is no discernible difference between Gaz and Nitron, but the choice is yours.

As the car is complete I suggest that you drive it for a while first to understand the handling, particularly with the short wheel base and mid engine, as you will find that it handles like no other car that you may have driven, unless you have driven a GoKart in anger. Hard pressure on the loud pedal can easily bring the back round to meet the front, which is part of the fun, but not when there is other traffic around.

Like you I have admired the design and the concept since they burst onto the scene 50 years ago, and decided that one day, one day I would have one, even if it was a replica which I achieved 4 years ago after 4 years of build. Even though I was doing International Rallies before these were developed, the appeal never wavered. They became Iconic immediately, compared with the modified production cars we were using before them.

Enjoy it and we hope that we will see you somewhere when we get together in the future.

Robin T-M