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Thread: Hawk HF3000 For Sale

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    Hawk HF3000 For Sale

    Hi all, Gerry has currently got two cars up for sale at the moment as he is about to build a new demonstrator with his new HF2400 chassis so one has to go!

    The first is his "Safari" car, it's in Alitalia livery and is Left Hand Drive. It's fitted with an Alfa Romeo 3.2 24v GTA motor. It has Group 4 bodywork in the popular round arch style with kevlar front and rear clips. The interior is also Group 4 and it has the (unusual) roof mounted spare wheel. The observant amongst you will note that the roof stripes are absent which was deliberate in period to aid cockpit cooling (the Mini Cooper white roof trick) but if the buyer didn't want the spare wheel rack this is easily removed and the stripes can be added for an additional cost. The decals can be removed to replicate an alternative livery. The car is correctly registered as a 2018 vehicle being the age of the donor car.

    The second is his Giro d'Italia car. It's in Marlboro livery and is also Left hand Drive. It's fitted with an Alfa Romeo 3.0 24v motor. The bodywork is almost unique with a more rounded front clip and a rear clip with a single skin rear spoiler with ally supports and vented rear panel. The car does not have a roof spoiler but has the option of either the rear louvre panel or a vertical periscope air intake. The interior is also Group 4. The car is registered as a 1981 vehicle making it an ideal candidate for easy export to USA.

    Both cars are fitted with the Hawk Coffin Spoke wheels and either Michelin TB5's or Pirellis (I can't remember which car has which set tho!)

    The price for either of these vehicles is ?95,000. Please contact or 01892750341 to discuss further. Serious enquiries only please. The sale of one vehicle will probably mean the removal from the market of the other so he still has a current demonstrator.

    We'll try to get some better pictures posted in due course.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Safari Front.jpg   Marlboro Front.jpg  

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    Re: Hawk HF3000 For Sale

    Oooh you big teaser you....

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    Re: Hawk HF3000 For Sale

    Ooh yes Very nice.......,

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    Re: Hawk HF3000 For Sale

    The Alitalia one is nice. I've never seen a replica with the spare wheel on the roof although I've obviously seen photos of them in action with the metal bull-bars at the front and rear. Cool.

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    Re: Hawk HF3000 For Sale

    Two fantastic looking cars , all you got to do is step in and drive considering the wait time for kits and books closed.

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    Re: Hawk HF3000 For Sale

    Shows how much attention I pay... only just seen this, now have some body parts for sale, kidney (s) , lungs etc, consider letting the kids go but would be lucky to make a tenner from that, but it all helps!

    Let me know what you want & I will cut it out & post as necessary. Theakstons have already asked for my liver back for re-cycling.

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