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Thread: Alfa Busso 12v 2.5 Engine

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    Re: Alfa Busso 12v 2.5 Engine

    Quote Originally Posted by westonTB View Post
    The super value for money price I could fudge past the War Dept... but it would have to live in the kitchen, wish I had the room Chris, I would bite your hand off.
    I can put your name on it Tim, and it can stay where it is, and you don't need to pay yet.
    'Slower than your 24v 2.5 though?

    Does not need drive shaft adapters for Beta shafts, at least.
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    Re: Alfa Busso 12v 2.5 Engine

    Very kind of you Chris, but do not wait for me! someone needs to snap it up, or stick it ebay for double, it's worth it, our boiler has just gone bang & I am taking the Hawk to Italy in Sept, so I am being cautious! Slower than a 24v would be no bad thing, I must be the odd one out wanting less BHP

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